Brain Barf, Data Science

concentric circles and quantum physics

separating the tools from the skills
data science the capitalist mindset repurposement
– it arose from cheap computing making it economically viable which basically means that human created
flashes of voltage inside a human created container electrical pulses from the brain to the blah which in turn
has the potential to widespread effect the electrical pulses in the heads of other humans and alter life
courses it is like an engine
packages of already existing information
morphing them into other domains
how can
barriers in understanding and communication of knowledge
data science’s box flexing pushing reaching \\ framework —> flesh out the knowledge part
just because the person doing it understands the math behind it (but let’s be real do they actually every time does it matter it still has the potential to affect tons of people) stakes, what’s the point – to be right? to be closer to right? result-oriented society
process is hidden proprietary
rote memorization vs coming to conclusions by oneself
can’t tell people how to think well you can, but then it’s not about communication information its about force feeding
show vs tell —> art
sharing of experience to meld them
the best way to do this is to superposition oneself and experience everything with everyone but that’s not possible yet
what’s the next best thing
deductive reasoning tunnel vision vs exploratory curiosity inductive reasoning
take experience distill package specifically total hit or miss competence totally elastic vs ineffective collisions which makes sense if the goal is specific and oversimplified and sanitized but that’s machine-like overfit to a specific purpose
reach a bigger audience
not just those who understand algorithms
shared experience of and understanding of selves through augmented intelligence
because what do machine learning algorithms do if not mimic the brain and augment existing connections by bringing to light new connections and patterns
its up to the artist to interpret and create
its a tool an aide a new medium through which a wave travels/information is expressed
art should be revelatory, accessible, facilitate the creation of mutual connections among people
amplify a pain point
create a collective experience
stretch the rubber band
feel alive
embrace frustration
creation of a model of experience understandable by all in some sense
FEEL something
experience existence (live in the moment?)
form of attempting to understand anything
layer by layer
peeling back
feeling jolt electric
guide the observer through the layers
packaged answer/result – who knows where that exists in this space?
the key is to make people want to continue the process
guide without providing an end because there isn’t one
a rubber band longer than your stretched out body
forced attempted understanding of one another
doesn’t feel forced – relative – trickery – insidious
force isn’t bad, just implies a resistance
nothing is resistanceless
rubber band —> pulling as opposed to pushing
closer to one another’s shared equilibrium
fucking planets
create openness towards one another – remove friction/gravity?
no because then we would never stop to understand

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